Benjamin Simon

Instagram: @b_l_simon

Residence: Flowery Branch, Georgia

Bio: I'm a father of 2 beautiful girls and husband to a wonderful woman that I am blessed to have in my life first, and a hunter and avid outdoorsman second. My long term passion for the outdoors began with my father who had me in the woods while he carried me on his shoulders through briar patches and clear cuts in middle Georgia. I live north of Atlanta now and hunt private and public lands. I have become a passionate bow hunter and love to be mobile to be able to get a personal sense of how deer use and thrive in different terrains and land features. I love to use and try many different types of gear and I appreciate how far the industry has come to be able to provide such engineering and ingenuity of products to the consumers. Outside of hunting and family I spend my time keeping up with college football and baseball.