Torrey Owens

Hometown: Nunica Michigan


I grew up in Upstate NY and have always just loved being in the outdoors.  My first passion was fishing and I’d spend every moment I could at the lakes, streams, ponds, and reservoirs that surrounded my house.  A close second was always archery, I got my first bow when I was 4 and from that point on I was hooked. Eventually bowhunting took over as #1.  I started off hunting heavily pressured private permission properties, everything from 4 to 400 acres, I’d take whatever I could get.  Then in 2019 my wife and I moved to MI and I had to take a fresh look at how I was going to hunt.  I started hunting small public land parcels for the first time which motivated me to get my first saddle so I could be more mobile, this is also when I discovered G3D.  Now I have gone 100% mobile hunting a mixture of public and private permission properties all over Ottawa and Muskegon Counties. Moving to this more aggressive style of hunting resulted in 2020 being my best season to date