LWCG Doubles Stick Mule Clip

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This product may look small, but it's a work horse! This will hold your LWCG Doubles tight, as these sticks are already designed to stack perfectly flat on top of each other, due to the excellent design by the D'Acquisto's. You can use two clips to store your sticks horizontally on the back of your saddle, when you pair them up with 2 of our versa hangers. Or you can just use them with our Versa Hangers to hold them as you climb at your side vertically. This clip has built it grooves inside the clip to help retain the sticks in their position, even as you remove the sticks as you climb. 

The beauty of this clip is it pairs perfectly with the .5 Treestand by LWCG. The supplied cam bolt locking system is designed to slide right through the main beam of the .5, and lock the Doubles onto the main beam. Making it a very simple and effective way to store your sticks as you walk into and out of the woods.

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