Shikar Mini Stick Mule Clip

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This is very similar to our Shikar Stick Mule clip, but with a nice little upgrade. This will hold your Shikar Minis tight, as a set of two sticks already stack perfectly flat due to the excellent design by Matt Garis at OOAL. Pair it up with our versa hanger to hold them as you climb. These will work extremely well paired with a predator pack and one Versa Hanger per set of two sticks, to store these vertically and fully deployed.

This Stick Mule Clip will also work for guys who have modified their stand offs on their full length Shikar's, so they stack side by side! No worries though if you haven't done that yet, as these still have the original versa button designed into them so you can store them un-deployed.

We recommend that you use stealth strips on your sticks to help lock the Stick Mule System on to the sticks. This prevents the sticks from being able to slide up and down the sticks as easily. If you do so you will just need to chose that option when you add them to your cart.