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Here it is guys, The Strap Stager! We cannot express how excited we are to release this product for you guys. Back in Oct. of 2020, we started looking into solving a problem. The problem we set out to solve was finding an easier way to hang a treestand/saddle platform. One of the reasons I switched over to primarily hunting out of a saddle was the struggles I had hanging my mobile treestand easily, quietly, and effectively. With the Strap Stager, you don't have to worth about those issues anymore. You can easily stage your cam buckle strap with two hands, then attach your stand/platform to the loops on your cam buckle strap. You can easily get your stand/platform positioned on the tree where you want it. No longer do you have to fight to get it in the perfect position. Just stage your cam buckle strap in the exact location you want your stand/platform to be in. This even works great for those private land preset treestands that are very large, and bulky! Get your seasonal stands hung safely and quickly before the season rolls around with a Strap Stager. One of the best parts about this system is that it attaches to ANY cam buckle strap on the market! So you won't need to buy anything extra that you don't need to make this system work. Again we are excited about this product, and we are working through the patent process as we believe this is a piece of equipment every Mobile Hunter will want to add to their arsenal! Stay tuned for a video explaining this system in more detail. 

With this system, you will receive a Strap Stager and a short piece of shock cord. The short piece of the shock cord needs to be tied into the cam buckle side of your cam buckle strap.

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