About Us


Our mission is to use our God given gifts to bridge the gap between a concept to an actual working product, within the outdoor recreation industry.

My Story

My name is Austin and I am the creator of Genesis 3D Printing. I operate my business out of my home in West Michigan where I live with my wife Hope, who also operates a small business, making headbands. My wife is as much apart of Genesis 3D Printing as I am. When I'm at my day job she is running the printers, shipping orders, and making sure we can keep up with demand. When we aren't cranking out products from the upstairs of our farmhouse, we enjoy playing board games, spending as much time as we can in, on or by a lake, and soaking up time with our families and friends. 


Ever since I can remember I have loved the outdoors. Growing up some of my greatest memories were from spending time in the "UP" (Michigan's Upper Peninsula) at my family's hunting and fishing cabins. So you can say hunting and fishing is in my blood. This has fueled me to apply my engineering skills to come up with solutions for commonly overlook, or not thought of issues while hunting and fishing. 
Educational Background:
I have a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering Technologies, from Ferris State University. This degree has given me the skills to be able to use different 3D design software's to create these different products. While at Ferris State I was able to play on the football team there. Being able to play a collegiate sport helped me develop so many different skills that I truly don't think I would have learned anywhere else!