When will this be back in stock?
We upload inventory Thursday evenings and sometimes randomly as we get inventory ready. If you are looking for something specific, the best thing to do is to go to the product on the website and choose to be notified when the item is back in stock. You will then be emailed as soon as inventory is uploaded. We cannot guarantee that the item you are looking for will be added to the restock, but we are trying our best to keep up with the demand.

When will I receive my order?
We ship items within 7-10 business days. If you get a notification that your item has shipped and it says pre-shipment, that means that we are still working on getting it to the post office and it will ship soon. Once the package is in USPS possession it is out of our hands.

Do you do custom orders?
At this time, we are not accepting custom orders. We do love hearing your ideas, though!

Do you do pre-orders?
No. It is first come, first served once inventory is added to the site. 

If I place more than one order, can you ship them all together so I can save on shipping?
Unfortunately no. We really wish we could, but this gets very complicated on our end. If you have an open order and you'd like to purchase additional items, you can email us and we will add them to your order and ship them in the same package.

What is your return policy?
You may use the return center on our website to return any new/unused items that have been purchased within 30 days.

What if my product breaks?
We stand by our products and will replace broken items upon our discretion up to a year after your purchase date.