Spencer Valeri

Bio: I grew up in Michigan in a family that didn't hunt. However, after much pestering, my dad agreed to take me to the woods. After several years of making every mistake in the book, I finally killed my first deer in the UP when I was 16. After that I was hooked on the outdoors and I became an avid deer hunter, turkey hunter, and trapper. In 2015, I killed a nice buck after hunting mobile for the first time and my eyes were opened to the benefits of this style of hunting. While trying to learn more about mobile hunting, I read "Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails" by John Eberhart. John talked about hunting from a saddle, so I went out and bought the only saddle available on the market at the time and started saddle hunting. I immediately fell in love with it and started a YouTube channel, "Saddle Hunting", to help educate people about tree saddles. When not hunting deer and turkeys in the Midwest, I enjoy traveling to hunt and have hunted elk, black bear, pronghorn, hogs, and mule deer across the country.