C2 Hoist

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Are you in search of a Bow Hoist that's compact and lightweight, yet capable of effortlessly hauling your bow up the tree? Look no further! Our C2 Hoist was precisely designed for this purpose.

Simply clip a carabiner into the large hole, attach the rope to your bow, and begin your ascent. As you climb, the C2 Hoist auto-unravels and pivots around, allowing the dynaglide to smoothly pull off the hoist.

But that's not all – the C2 Hoist is also perfect for One Stickers who need to retract their rope once they've reached the ground after their hunt. The convenient handle makes it easy to grab and pull the dynaglide.

Special thanks to Chris Coon for inspiring this product idea – that's why we call it the C2 Hoist.

Customer Reviews

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Pat Casey
Best Hoist Ever

I did not know what I was missing when I didn't have this bow hoist. I was using balled up parachord and it would constantly get knotted up. I can't tell you how many knots I had in that before I found this hoist. It works great, unravels off of the holder very well and does not get knotted up. It also has a waxy feeling to the string, which at times can be slippery without gloves to pull your bow up, but it's great for unraveling and I like it for lowering as well because it doesn't burn your fingers if you lower it without gloves.

Great idea

Love the ease of use and ability to store the rope easily. My only complaint is the rope almost too small to use without gloves.

Genius by Genesis

Finally a way to utilize a gear rope without having to spend time untangling the rope after each hunt!