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Introducing Figure Aiders: the product that started it all. These 3D-printed tenders enable you to effortlessly adjust the friction hitches on your tether and lineman's rope with just one hand. Crafted to be non-weight bearing, they ensure safety and reliability in your setup.

There are two different designs available, each tailored to accommodate specific friction hitch styles. Watch the video below for a detailed explanation of how these aids work.

Two versions available:

  • Prusik: Designed for use with a standard prusik.
  • Distel: Tailored for use with a Distel or Schwabisch hitch.

    Customer Reviews

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    Broden Ranck
    Simple and smooth!

    For being such a simple tool this thing is money! I have never felt the need to add any mechanical device on my lineman's rope because of how well the figure aider works with one handed use when climbing up and down the tree. No need to spend a lot of money for anything when this tender works better at a fraction of the cost!

    Tyler Sparks
    Peace of mind w/ Ease

    I have been reluctantly eyeing a ropeman 1 for 2 years now and the more and more I looked at it the more I didn't like the price point and wasn't comfortable with the idea of a mechanical device holding me up because they have more points of failure.

    G3d crushed it with this little "doo-hickey" of a product so that I could have the same ease of one handed adjustment but retain the peace of mind of no mechanical parts. It works just as well as any ropeman style device would and at a fraction of the price.

    Great job G3dP!

    Jeff Pikaart
    Really Really Like this

    I've been using a Kong Duck and liked it pretty well except it was metal and mechanical. I decided to try this tender and a distel hitch and really really like it. No metal to clang on carabineers and no worries about mechanical failure. A big bonus is I feel like I have a lot more control of the rope when I'm needing slack. Just a very slight pull on my distel hitch and the rope feeds thru it very nicely then, locks right up again when I let go. Distel hitch and tender is a very nice combination.

    Works great

    As you all know the ropeman 1 is hard to get, I only had a single ropeman when I found the 3D aider. When I ordered my aider I ordered 2 being that they are only 10$. At first I ran one on my lineman rope and the ropeman on my tether. It only took 2 hunts before I got rid on the ropeman and went to the 3D aider. I run a distel hitch on my ropes and the aider works great. I’ve ran this aider on 11mm, 8mm and even 1/4 Amstel doubled over with a 5/16 distel hitch.