Fixed Stick Mule System

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This is the Fixed Stick Mule System! We designed this system for those guys who want a bulletproof way to take their sticks up the tree with them as they climb. The beauty of this system is that it utilizes the Versa Hanger design to hold the Stick Mule System onto your saddle, combat belt, or backpack when you walk out to your spot. Once you get to the tree you want to climb, attach your sticks to your versa hangers using the Fixed Stick Mule. Why we love this system is how secure the sticks are when you climb up the tree, without adding any more difficulty to your routine. There are so many ways to use this system to help you be a more efficient hunter!

Below you will see we made our new Stick Mules for some of the most popular sticks on the market. Stay plugged into our social media channels as more will be released soon for other climbing sticks on the market.

We have a Fixed Stick Mule for:

  1. Tethrd One Sticks

  2. Skeletors

  3. Hawk Heliums

  4. LWCG Compacts

*Our Stick Mule system requires our Standard Versa Hangers to function*

*To attach this to your stick, some included hardware is in this package. The hardware included varies based on the brand of sticks *

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