Fixed Stick Mule System

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Introducing the Fixed Stick Mule System! We've crafted this system with the needs of hunters in mind, providing a robust solution for securely transporting climbing sticks as you ascend the tree. What sets this system apart is its utilization of the Versa Hanger design, allowing you to attach the Stick Mule System to your saddle, combat belt, or backpack during your approach to the hunting spot. Upon reaching your chosen tree, simply attach your sticks to the Versa Hangers using the Fixed Stick Mule.

We love this system for its ability to securely hold sticks in place while climbing, without adding complexity to your routine. With multiple ways to utilize this system, it's sure to enhance your efficiency as a hunter.

We currently offer Fixed Stick Mules for:

  • Tethrd One Sticks
  • Skeletors
  • Hawk Heliums
  • LWCG Compacts

Please Note:

  • Our Stick Mule system requires our Standard Versa Hangers to function.
  • To attach this to your stick, some included hardware is in this package. The hardware included varies based on the brand of sticks.

Customer Reviews

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Broden Ranck
Perfect addition to the Tethrd Skeletors

When I started running the tethrd skeletors this season, there really wasn't a great option for attaching them to my saddle, so I quickly picked up this stick mule to pair with my versa hanger and that combination was money! I only needed one to attach all my sticks off my saddle from the hip and allowed me to be hands free while climbing and descending the tree during set up. I feel that the stick mule, the versa hanger, and the stick stack stow systems are essential for any hunter running sticks