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We guarantee this gear hanger isn't your typical gear hanger. We understand that's a very bold statement to make, too, as many gear hangers are already on the market. We wanted to capture some very specific and innovative features in this gear hanger you don't see in any other gear hangers. 

Those innovative features include:

  • 3/4" Polyester strap material vs. 1" Nylon or Polypropylene. The smaller strap allows this strap to pack down to next to nothing. There are many critical benefits to using Polyester instead of Nylon or Polypropylene: it repels water, only stretches 5-15% compared to 20-50%, it is highly UV resistant, and it is resistant to abrasion. Polyester is a more expensive material to use, but the advantages of using this material outweigh the cost.
  • *New*- You can now use our Gear Hanger System with a Roller Cam Technology and paracord/accessory cord. This allows you to reduce the size of your system, and the Roller Cam System makes it even easier to attach your Gear Hanger to the tree.
  • The gear hooks and bow hanger that comes with the strap are specifically designed to have a tight fit on our strap. This keeps the hooks from sliding around on the strap, creating unwanted noise. Also, since they are a tight fit, they retain their position. This removes the fiddle factor when hanging this gear strap on the tree.
  • *New*-Our Gear Hooks and Bow Hanger have talon on the top portion of the hook to help keep your Hooks in place, by digging into the tree.
  • No more dealing with a gear hanger that has become a rat's nest, either! You will understand what I'm saying if you've used Amsteel or Daisy Chain webbing as a gear hanger. We chose to offer a strap version because of issues we've experienced with previous gear hangers turning into a tangled mess.
  • We added a bungee cord with a glow-in-the-dark pull tab. This cord was added for two reasons. First, to help contain the strap once you wrap it up. Just pull it over the bundle of straps, and now your strap is all contained nicely within the cord's continuous loop. Second, this cord helps you cinch the strap down nice and tight to the tree. Just grab the cord with your hand while you pull the tag end of the strap with your other hand. Last, it is a nice way to manage your strap's tag end once it's set up on the tree. 


Gen 1 Gear Hanger Video:

    Here are some fun facts about Polyester straps compared to Nylon or Polypropylene:

    • Polyester is soft and more flexible. This allows you to pack it to a much smaller profile than a 1" Nylon or Polypropylene strap.
    • Polyester stretches only 5 to 15%. As you hang things off of your strap, it won't sag due to the weight being added to the strap. Polypropylene is a form of plastic and can stretch over 50% while under load. Nylon can stretch between 20 to 30% under load. 
    • Polyester is highly resistant to UV radiation which means it can stand more prolonged exposure to the sun than Nylon or Polypropylene without the material breaking down.
    • Polyester repels water and is more mildew resistant than Nylon which will absorb water.
    • Polyester webbing is more resistant to abrasion than Nylon or Polypropylene.


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