Adaptive Hanger

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This hanger will adapt to whatever you need. Do you need a simple way to hang your sticks, platform, or bow retrieval rope as you climb? These will do just that. Are you looking to hold your original Latitude Method panels together? Bingo, this is what you want to add to your Method. Looking for an extra hook to add your gear hanger? Well, I think you get the point. These hangers are multiple purposes.

 We have two options.

  • Molle Webbing: This is designed for guys who hunt with a saddle or have molle webbing on a belt or pack.
  • Treestand: This is designed to be used with treestands, as you zip tie the adaptive hanger onto the outside of the treestand.

It will work with cable aiders if you don't want to attach your sticks to them with paracord.


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