Hip Bow Hanger

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Introducing the ultimate minimalist bow hanger! Crafted with the saddle hunter in mind, this hanger provides a convenient solution for keeping your bow within easy reach or setting it down momentarily as you wait for the perfect shot.

But don't fret if you're not a saddle hunter! This versatile hanger is a true workhorse – all you need is a belt. Simply slide it behind your belt, and voila, you've got yourself a bow hanger. It's so discreet you'll hardly notice it's there, but it's always ready when you need it. It's also perfect for outdoor target practice sessions.


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John Bogati
Hip Bow Hanger

The hooks could be a bit bigger to help prevent the bow from falling out without the use of the bungie,, also the belt loop should be inclosed so it doesn't fall off of the belt !! I had to go back and look for mine the other day at a 3D shoot ..

Broden Ranck
Very versatile!

I initially grabbed one of these to use for simply shooting in my backyard, but I actually use it while hunting now more than anything. I do a good bit of still hunting with my bow and it's so nice to have a place to put my bow rather than putting it on the ground constantly, keeping it within a short reach in a moment's notice. I also have run it off my saddle for when climbing and hunting rather than hanging it for those last minutes of hunting light and anything can happen. The extra bungee to keep the bow secure is also a great feature when needed, highly recommend!

Dalton Blakeney
Outstanding customer service

First package arrived broken in half (thanks USPS). Contacted the seller through messenger, got a fast reply, and a reship. Second package arrived with no issues.

The product is very practical. I plan to put It to use during my elk hunt and my whitetail season later this year.


I bought this with the intent to hang my bow while climbing a tree. Not sure it was intended to be used that way but the hanger itself is extremely practical for a place to put your bow when you need a second hand for glassing and other things. Thanks Austin.