LWCG Pocket Arm V-Bracket

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Introducing the LWCG Pocket Arm V-Bracket: a simple yet effective addition designed to streamline the setup process of your Pocket Arm. This innovative bracket facilitates quicker and easier assembly, ensuring a hassle-free experience when reaching your desired hunting height.

One of its key advantages lies in the enhanced stability it provides to the Pocket Arm, particularly beneficial when maneuvering the camera around a tree to capture that perfect shot. For filmmakers and enthusiasts alike, this addition is a game-changer, promising unparalleled convenience and reliability.

Discover the difference with the LWCG Pocket Arm V-Bracket – an essential accessory for optimizing your filming experience.

Customer Reviews

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If you have the LWCG pocket arm you will be glad you bought.


Great item!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Added stability while not adding much in weight. Some have complained about it taking up too much space but if you run a fluid head attached to arm that takes up way more space. Easily detached if need be and may help with certain tree bark types.

Taylor Philpot
A MUST add-on for the pocket arm

If you’re on the fence...go ahead and buy this product. The V-bracket helps stabilize the pocket arm while securing it to the tree and takes away the frustration of the arm moving when trying to secure it.

The only regret you’ll have is not getting this sooner.

Glenn Johnson
Gets the job done

It works good as it is. I had difficulties getting it to bite down on a hard barked poplar tree. I think it would help bite some harder bark trees a little better if the wings came to sharp edges at the ends instead of being rounded. However, that’s just my two cents. All in all, after fiddling with it awhile, I got it set right and it didn’t budge.
I would recommend this if you use a LWCG camera arm.

Awesome feedback! We plan on modifying the design a bit based on your feedback. Thanks again for providing a review for us!