Pack Elevator

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We're excited to announce our collaboration with our friend Dane from Dryad Saddles to introduce The Pack Elevator. This innovative accessory is designed to revolutionize how you manage your pack's height.

The Pack Elevator allows you to effortlessly adjust your pack's height while keeping it securely attached. Featuring a strap adjustor crafted for 0.75" strap, you can make quick one-handed adjustments on the fly. Grab your snacks quietly and swiftly from your pack, then easily raise it out of the way to ensure an unobstructed view when it's time to take your shot from the tree.


  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Durable 0.75" Black Polyester Strap
  • Convenient 0.75" Strap Adjustor
  • Provides 19" of Total Height Adjustment
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 0.6oz
  • Rated for a maximum load of 60lbs

Upgrade your gear organization and hunting experience with The Pack Elevator – your ultimate solution for seamless pack height adjustment.


Customer Reviews

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Elevate your pack and your game

Are you tired of clipping your pack to the tree? Tired of having to adjust your pack straps to get your pack where you want it? Just to have to readjust anything when you hit the ground again. This answers those needs by allowing you to have one solution to hold your pack on the tree without fussing with other straps. It also allows you to adjust your pack to the exact level you want so things are within reach and not screwing up your shot opportunity. For the price why wouldn't you buy it?

Pat Casey
Works Great

This is a great addition for your pack to pair with the gear/bow hanger. You're able to adjust where your pack sits for the height you want when in your tree very easily with the pull of the strap.

Works great

Worked perfectly for adjusting the height of my pack in the tree, it's nice to bring it lower for easier access and to move it out of the way.