Perch Clip System

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For those seeking a convenient way to carry their perch up the tree while climbing or needing a solution to pack it with their saddle into the woods, your search ends here. This versatile accessory offers a simple yet effective design, ensuring hassle-free transportation of your perch wherever your hunting journey takes you.

The Perch Clip's design is brilliantly straightforward – simply slide the platform into the bottom of the clip, rotate it up, and it locks securely in place. Once seated, your perch is firmly held in position, providing peace of mind throughout your hunt. Don't miss out on adding this essential tool to your gear arsenal for the upcoming hunting season!

As an additional feature, we offer the Wild Edge Step Attachment System. This innovative system allows you to seamlessly attach your Wild Edge steps to your perch, creating a complete and cohesive setup. Whether you prefer to carry it on your combat belt or pack, the Wild Edge Step Attachment System offers unparalleled versatility.

Upgrade your hunting experience with the Perch Clip and Wild Edge Step Attachment System – your ultimate companions for convenience and efficiency in the field.