Perch Clip System

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Here is the Perch Clip! For all you guys who are looking for an easy way to carry your perch up the tree with as you as you climb then look no further. This will also work well if you need a way to pack your Perch on the back of your saddle, while you walk into the woods. This design is very simplistic, as all you need to do is slide the platform into the bottom of the clip, and then rotate it up and it locks in. Once the clip is seated into the Perch it is locked in there. This is something you will want to add to your arsenal this coming hunting season!

An add on feature is the Wild Edge Step Attachment System. Simply put it allows you to attach your Wild Edge steps to your Perch to make it one complete system. Throw it on the back of your combat belt, or on your pack. Either way it doesn't matter!