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Seeking the easiest way to transport your platform up the tree? Look no further! Our innovative design offers unparalleled simplicity – just slide your platform into the Hanger at an angle, and let the specially designed ledge lock it securely in place. Your platform remains firmly held until you decide to remove it by pulling it back out at an angle.

These hangers are incredibly versatile, seamlessly sliding into the molle webbing on your saddle, backpack, or combat belt. Watch the videos below for a demonstration of how these hangers work and the various ways hunters are utilizing them.

With the upcoming hunting season in mind, this is an essential addition to your gear arsenal!

Note: Some hangers are compatible with multiple platforms. If a hanger supports multiple platforms, you'll find each platform listed for that specific hanger.


Customer Reviews

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Sterling Dyer
Amazing product

Holds my gear securely

Pat Casey
A must need

This product was an amazing idea and addition to my mobile set up. I was strapping my predator xl to the back of my pack and would get to my tree, take my sticks and platform off, strap the platform back on, get up the tree, take my pack off and get my platform on the tree. I then switched to a gear tie on the back of my saddle, but that was a pain to reach back and untwist the tie and get the platform off of it. This piece of gear made it easier and quicker to get geared up and get up the tree and set up faster. I still pack my platform on the outside of my pack, get to my tree and then just hang my platform from the hanger and go. And once I get to my stand height it's way easier to access my platform behind me and get it set.....I do have parachord wrapped around the outside lip of my platform so Austin was able to work with me and we used a different clip made for another manufacturer to work for mine perfectly.

Broden Ranck
Never leaves my saddle!

I picked up a platform hanger for my tethrd predator and it has never been removed from my saddle ever since! Very easy to get the platform in and out with one hand but keeps my platform secured no matter what as it has never fallen out. Keeps my hands free when climbing the tree. Simple, light, and easy to use, this hanger simply checks all the boxes!


Definitely much more user friendly


Just what I was looking for !!