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Introducing our Plus One Quiver – a revolutionary system designed to provide quick and easy access to your arrows, whether you're in a hunting scenario or participating in 3D events or TAC competitions. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying around a traditional quiver or rummaging through your pack every time you need an arrow.

The Plus One Quiver easily mounts to your bow using your sight's threaded holes or through holes used for mounting your sight to your riser. The custom offset bracket included allows you to maintain your quiver bracket mounted securely to your bow.

Upgrade your archery setup with the Plus One Quiver – your ultimate solution for convenient arrow access in any situation.



  • Material:

    • Arrow Holder: TPU - offering flexibility to accommodate any arrow on the market.
    • Base Plate: PETG - the offset bracket is printed with PETG for durability.
  • Hardware Included:

    • 2 #10-24 1" Flat Head Bolts
    • 2 #10-24 1.5" Flat Head Bolts
    • (Two different lengths are included to accommodate various bow/sight configurations.)


  • Fits arrows with an outer diameter (OD) ranging from 4mm to 6mm.

  • Weighs approximately 2.5 oz.


Customer Reviews

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Gunner Peterson
Awesome set up!

I love it! I wish you made a plus two or plus three. Luckily my sight has two sets of tapped holes that will allow me to run two plus one’s

Broden Ranck
Not just for practice situations!

Even in practice sessions, I seldom remove my quiver from my bow. However, I do a lot of still hunting in season from the ground and the quiver is often in the way when slowly making my way on the ground through thicker cover. I always worried that I would need an extra shot but had no solution besides taking the quiver off and either throwing it in my pack or dragging it step by step as I crawled my way into bow range. The plus one really helped me fix this problem as I can carry a follow up shot if needed right on my bow, and the arrow can be adjusted so that it is the same profile as my bow. If my stalk is over, I simply put the arrow back in the quiver and continue my hunt. It's great for the intended use of practice and 3d shoots, but I highly recommend for hunting scenarios as well!


Absolutely perfect products!

Works just like it says

I don't like hunting with my quiver on my bow but I wanted an easy option for a follow up shot if needed. I have a mathews bow and quiver and I could only find one way to attach the plus 1 where it didn't interfere with the arrows already in the quiver. I had to purchase bolts and nuts to get it to mount on my black gold sight.
With that said it does hold my arrow well. I have 2 different arrows and one squeaks on the holder and one doesn't. So be aware of that. Overall I think it will serve the purpose I bought it for.