Plus One Quiver

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Our Plus One Quiver is a system designed to give you an arrow that is easy to reach. It is designed for hunting scenarios and guys who shoot 3D events or TAC. You can easily store your arrow on your bow without carrying around your quiver or reaching into your pack every time to pull out an arrow.


  • Material:
    • Arrow Holder: TPU-to give it the flexibility to fit any arrow on the market.
    • Base Plate: PETG-The offset bracket is printed with PETG. 
  • Hardware included
    • 2- #10-24 Nylon locking nuts
    • 2- #10-24 .5" Socket Head Bolts
    • 2- #10-24 1" Flat Head Bolts
    • 2- #10-24 1.5" Flat Head Bolts
      •  Two different lengths are included, as some bows/sights require a shorter or longer bolt.
  • Fits arrows from 4-6mm in OD.
  • Weights: 2.5 oz

The Plus One Quiver mounts to your bow utilizing your sight's threaded holes for your quiver or the through holes that you use to mount your sight to your riser. The custom offset bracket that is included allows you to keep your quiver bracket mounted to your bow.


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