Quick Draw Holster

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We added another option for guys to hang their bow/gear at hunting height. A fellow Michigan mobile hunter (Michigan Great Outdoors) contacted us. He asked us to work on a product allowing you to use Tethrd's Quick Draw with our gear hanger system. With this suggestion, we came up with our Quick Draw Holster. We designed two options, one for our .75" gear strap and one for 1" gear straps. We also added chamfers to the top of the slot to help you place our bow into the Holster. These things are rock solid on our gear strap, and you can use these for other pieces of gear too! Add Kydex to your quiver housing, and you can use the QD Holster. 

Tethrd's Quick Draw Bow Hook: https://tethrdnation.com/product/quick-draw-bow-hook/

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