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*Sold as a 2 pack*

Introducing the "Sling Hitch" – Your Ultimate Companion for Hands-Free Firearm Mobility!

Are you tired of constantly readjusting your gun sling while walking around the woods? Look no further than the Sling Hitch, the innovative solution designed to keep your gun sling securely in place, allowing you to move freely and keep your firearm at the ready position.


  1. Lightweight Design: Weighing just 1 oz, the Sling Hitch is a product you won't even notice. Its feather-light construction ensures you stay nimble and agile in any environment.

  2. Convenient Two-Pack: Each package includes two Sling Hitches, providing a versatile solution for both shoulder straps. This allows you to switch between shoulders while carrying your firearm.

  3. Hands-Free Freedom: With the Sling Hitch, say goodbye to the hassle of constantly holding your gun. Enjoy hands-free mobility while walking, hiking, stalking, or engaging in any outdoor activity. The Sling Hitch secures your gun sling, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead.

  4. Perfect for Out-West Hunting: Whether navigating rugged terrains or patiently waiting for your shot, the Sling Hitch is your ideal companion for Out-West hunting. Its durable design ensures stability, providing you with the confidence to move seamlessly through diverse landscapes.

  5. Ready Position Assurance: Keep your firearm in a ready position at all times. The Sling Hitch enhances your situational awareness, ensuring your gun is easily accessible whenever you need it.

  6. Universal Compatibility: Works with almost all backpacks, as it slides onto any 1-inch strap that is on your shoulder strap. The Sling Hitch's versatility extends to various backpacks, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing gear.

  7. Easy to Use: Simple yet effective, the Sling Hitch easily attaches to your gun sling, offering a reliable grip that withstands movement and ensures optimal performance in various conditions.

Invest in the Sling Hitch and elevate your outdoor experience. Walk confidently, stalk stealthily, and always be prepared with this must-have accessory for firearm enthusiasts. Embrace hands-free convenience and secure your gun sling – because every step matters.

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Brian Brietzke
Hands free gun hunting experience

This simple but perfect sling hitch allows you to gun hunt without having to put your hands on your weapon, until it's go time! Backcountry, front country, hills or swamps this hitch will keep your hands off of your sling while you maneuver into position to execute your perfect shot. G3D is has a way of showing you the things you didn't realize you were suffering without. Great company, friendly fast service. An absolute gem!!!