SSS System for Tethrd Skeletor Sticks

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*Sold as a set of 2. It doesn't come with set screws as you just reuse the screws from the orange pins to attach these to your sticks*

Designed to address the challenges hunters face when using the existing stacking pins, this system offers a solution that enhances convenience and efficiency in the field. Building upon the success of our popular Hawk Helium SSS design, we've tailored it to perfectly complement the Skeletors, incorporating additional features for an enhanced user experience.

One notable feature of the SSS Clips is the built-in rope containment system. We've integrated our rope tamer system into this design, providing each clip with its own approximately 9-inch piece of bungee. This lets you quickly bundle your rope and secure it to the SSS clip. Furthermore, with each SSS Clip equipped with a piece of approximately 9-inch bungee, you can utilize the bottom clip to contain your fixed aider if you use one.

The system is engineered to lock into the channel of one stick using the set screws that replaced the Tethrd Stacking Pins, with the other end of the SSS snapping into a receiving stick's channel. This snapping feature effectively locks the two sticks together, eliminating the need for the stacking pins that come standard with the Skeletors. Once snapped together, the sticks remain securely locked. To disconnect them, twist the stick's standoffs.

Note: We no longer offer the stick mule button option, but this system is best paired with our Fixed Stick Mule and Versa Hanger.

Here's what you need based on the number of sticks you use:

  • 2 Sticks: 2 sets of SSS Clips
  • 3 Sticks: 2 or 3 sets of SSS Clips
  • 4 Sticks: 2 or 3 sets of SSS Clips

    Customer Reviews

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    Broden Ranck
    Way better than the orange pins!

    The first thing I did when I got my new Skeletors was ditch the orange pin system that Tethrd uses. The system is fine but is really hard to use/line up in the dark and are prone to breaking. The stick stack stow is much easier to use with just one hand and is extremely secure, I've never had the sticks fall apart once stacked together. Combined with the stick mule and versa hanger, this system is extremely hard to beat.