SSS System for Tethrd Skeletor Sticks

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Sold in sets of two, no longer offering the option with the stick mule button*

This is the Stick Stack Stow System for the Tethrd Skeletor Sticks! We designed this system for those guys who struggle using the existing stacking pins that come with the sticks. We took our already popular Hawk Helium Stick Mule design and made it work for the Skeletors, with a few more bells and whistles. 

Another feature we added to the SSS Clips is the built-in rope containment system. We took our rope tamer system and added it to this design. Each clip will come with its own ~8" piece of bungee. This allows you to bundle your rope up quickly and lock it to the SSS clip. Since each SSS Clip comes with a piece a ~8" bungee you can use the bottom clip to contain your fixed aider if you use one.

This system is designed to lock into the channel of one stick using the set screws that were removed with the Tethrd Stacking Pins, and then the other end of the Stick Mule will snap into a receiving stick's channel. The snapping feature locks the two stick together, replacing the need for the Stacking Pins that come standard with the Skeletors. Once the two sticks are snapped together they are locked together. The easiest way to disconnect them from each other is just twisting the stick's standoffs.

Here's what you need based on the number of sticks you use:

  • 2 Sticks: 2 sets of SSS Clips
  • 3 Sticks: 2 or 3 sets of SSS Clips
  • 4 Sticks: 2 or 3 sets of SSS Clips

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