SSS System for Latitude Carbon SS Sticks

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We designed our Stick Stack Stow System to help your Carbon SS Sticks to the next level. Keep your sticks locked together, silent, and simple with the SSS System. We use a TPU material to help make this system bomb-proof, as these won't fail you. We also used only plastic parts in this design, as we use a c-clip to attach the system to your sticks. This keeps the sticks 100% metal free. Using the pockets of the sticks, we were able to help lock the SSS system onto the sticks and created internal and external features on the sticks. Finally, we provide a 16in bungee with a pull tab end to lock all your sticks together when storing and transporting them. The SSS system is a must for the Latitude Carbon SS Sticks.



  • Material: TPU
  • Internal and External Features on the SSS system keeps them from moving around on your sticks.
  • Zero metal parts to keep the sticks metal free
  • Includes:
    • "C clip" to lock them onto your sticks
    • 16" 1/8 inch Bungee with pull tab.
  • How many SSS are needed if you have:
    • 2 Sticks= 1 SSS System
    • 3 Sticks= 1 SSS System
    • 4 Sticks= 2 SSS System
    • 5 Sticks= 3 SSS System
    • 6 Sticks= 4 SSS System
    • 7 Sticks= 5 SSS System
  • Weights: 2 oz

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