SSS System for Latitude Carbon SS Sticks

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Our Stick Stack Stow System (SSS System) is designed to elevate your Latitude Outdoors Carbon SS Sticks to the next level. Keep your sticks securely locked together, silent, and simple with this revolutionary system. Crafted from durable TPU material, the SSS System ensures reliability and longevity, promising not to let you down in the field.

We've opted for plastic parts throughout the design, utilizing a c-clip to seamlessly attach the system to your sticks, keeping them 100% metal-free. By leveraging the pockets of the sticks, we've engineered internal and external features on the SSS System, effectively preventing movement while in use.

Additionally, each SSS System includes a 16-inch 1/8-inch bungee with a convenient pull tab end, allowing you to effortlessly lock all your sticks together for storage and transportation. Trust us, the SSS System is an essential addition to your Latitude Carbon SS Sticks.


  • Material: TPU
  • Internal and External Features on the SSS System prevent movement on your sticks
  • Zero metal parts ensure the sticks remain metal-free
  • Includes:
    • "C clip" for easy attachment to your sticks
    • 16" 1/8 inch Bungee with pull tab
  • How many SSS Systems are needed based on the number of sticks:
    • 2 Sticks = 1 SSS System
    • 3 Sticks = 1 SSS System
    • 4 Sticks = 2 SSS Systems
    • 5 Sticks = 3 SSS Systems
    • 6 Sticks = 4 SSS Systems
    • 7 Sticks = 5 SSS Systems
  • Weight: 2 oz

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Works very well

    I'm pleasantly surprised at how well they work. They're easy to install, and hold in place without moving, they're also easy enough to remove and reposition. They can be placed just about anywhere you want them up or down the body of the stick. They're made from a softer material so they make no noise when putting the sticks on them.
    The stretch cord that comes with them isnt long enough to go around 4 sticks, just the 3. If you want to use it with 4 sticks you have to become a little creative.
    The small plastic piece that holds the stretch cord together broke off the first time I tried to use it, but that doesn't speak to the quality of the 3d printed piece itself.

    Joshua Toro
    A bit of a pain but worth the time.

    To be fair this product is a great set up for these sticks but…

    The sticks are so loud they must be stealth stripped (not G3 problem) however when you wrap the sticks and can be hand to line the clips up but can be done. My only issue with this product is when you jump to 4 sticks you need 2 sets of stacks and its tough to stager these stacks back together in order in the dark especially. Label the sticks so you know which go where and I’m not sure yet but I used 1 bungee for two stacks. I’m not sure its gonna hold up but to add the 3rd and 4th bungee it was to tight to use.