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The Stick Clip – the perfect solution for hunters needing a convenient way to pack their stick on their saddle or belt while climbing the tree. Specifically designed to snap onto your stick and remain securely locked until you're ready to remove it, the Stick Clip offers unparalleled convenience and ease of use.

You can enhance its functionality by adding a stealth strip to your stick. With the Stick Clip left on your sticks, simply slide them in and out of your Molle webbing or belt as needed.

Watch the video below to see this product in action and learn more about how it works!

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Pat Casey

I used this product this year for the first time. I was using parachord loops tied on the sides of my saddle and would loop the standoff through the loops to carry my sticks up and down the tree. After using these clips I absolutely love them. They're easy to use, and hold the sticks in place firmly while also being able to get them in and out one handed.........My only knock is the clips have come out of my mole straps, but I understand that each saddle company has different sized mole webbing so not a huge deal. Maybe a longer ledge version would help with the clip not coming out of the webbing would be great for people that want to just leave them attached to the mole at all times.

Awesome product!

I have used these clips for a few seasons and they work great. I leave the clip on my stick and decided to clip the little lip off as mentioned in the video and it slides very easilyinto my saddles molle webbing. If you are looking for a better way to bring your sticks up the tree, this is the perfect solution!


I bought these with my mission platform hanger. And by the way they fit perfectly for stick going up in one trip is what I try to do. Use to use paracord through a step with a little hook to attach to my saddle and would swing and make contact with my platform or another step. Glade I bought these and will plan on trying to wearing them out from use lol.