Stick Mule Clip for Tethrd “One” Sticks

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*The Stick Mule system requires our Standard Versa Hangers to function. If you want to store your One sticks horizontally you will need two Stick Mule Clips and two Versa Hangers.*

This is the Stick Mule System! We designed this system for those guys who want to pack lite and go in fast. The beauty of this system is that it utilizes the Versa Hanger design to hold the Stick Mule System onto either your saddle, combat belt, or backpack when you walk out to your spot. Once you get to the tree you want to climb you remove the sticks from your versa hangers, and then you can move one of the Stick Mule's to another one of your sticks. This allows you to utilize the Stick Mules and the Versa Hangers to hold your sticks as you climb. You can use these only on Tethrd’s One Sticks, and even if you don't use the Stick Mule's to pack in your sticks you can use them hold your sticks to your Saddle or Belt (For Tree Stand Hunters) as you climb. There are so many ways to use this system to help you be a more efficient hunter!


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