SSS Clips for Tethrd One Sticks

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New: We released our bottom clip design for this system. Please see the video below explaining the new addition to this system. Also, t
hese are CNC machined out of solid Derling/Actel. These are no longer 3D Printed

Out with the old pins and in with the Stick Stack Stow Clips. These will make your life so much easier if you use the One Sticks by Tethrd. This system will replace the need to use the pins to connect your sticks. All you need to do is slide two #10-24 bolts through the top step/standoff and thread them into two lock nuts. Then remove the top two pins, or bottom pins, depending on which clip you choose for your sticks. You can still use the pins of your sticks for seating the sticks into each other. You line up the top or bottom pins and rotate the stick into the top Stick Stack Stow Clip. It's that simple! We can't wait to start using this system this fall.

If you want to eliminate the pins altogether, you can run both clips instead of the pins. You just need to remove the pins and install clips on the bottom and top of your sticks.

Here's a breakdown of how many clips you will need based on how many sticks you are using, if you still use the pins for alignment:

  • 2 Sticks= 1 Clip
  • 3 Sticks= 2 Clips
  • 4 Sticks= 3 Clips

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