SSS Clips for Tethrd One Sticks

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Say goodbye to the old pins and welcome the Stick Stack Stow Clips! Designed specifically for users of One Sticks by Tethrd, this system will revolutionize your setup, eliminating the need for traditional pins to connect your sticks.

Installation is a breeze – simply slide two #10-24 bolts through the top step/standoff and thread them into two lock nuts. Then, depending on your preference, remove either the top or bottom pins (or both!) and replace them with our Stick Stack Stow Clips. You can still use the pins for seating the sticks into each other, ensuring a secure connection. Just line up the top or bottom pins and rotate the stick into the top Stick Stack Stow Clip – it's that simple!

Upgrade your One Sticks setup with Stick Stack Stow Clips – your key to effortless and secure stick connection.

Note: Adding Stealth Strips to your tubing is essential to ensure optimal performance with your One Sticks. Additionally, please note that these clips are CNC machined out of solid Derlin/Actel for durability, replacing the previous 3D printed design.

Here's a breakdown of how many clips you'll need based on the number of sticks you're using, if you still use the pins for alignment:

  • 2 Sticks = 1 Clip
  • 3 Sticks = 2 Clips
  • 4 Sticks = 3 Clips

    Customer Reviews

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    Great fit makes set up easier to work with

    Greg Golden



    Product was exactly as ordered

    Thomas Tate
    Excellent Product

    Just what I needed to stack my OneSticks quickly and securely. Absolutely a MUST for those purchasing OneSticks for mobile use!

    Upgrade your One Sticks

    A definite upgrade to Tethrd One Sticks so that you can get rid of those annoying pins. Much easier in the dark to simply clamp the sticks together than having to align pins. This should be the first mod you make to One Sticks.