Universal SSS System

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Are you looking for a way to hold all your sticks together when stacked? Our SSS system was designed to work with all 1-in tubing sticks. Attach the SSS system to your stick with the two #10-24 bolts. Then determine the correct 1/4-20 bolt that works with your sticks' spacing. Then use the thread locking tape to help keep your 1/4-20 bolt locked into the SSS system.

Included in the pack:

  • Two 3D-printed halves that make up one SSS piece
  • Two #10-24 .75in bolts
  • Three different lengths of 1/4-20 bolts
    •  .5in
    • .625in
    • .75in
  • One piece of thread-locking tape

See the video below explaining how to install and use the SSS System.