SSS System for Hawk Heliums

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This is the SSS System For the Hawk Helium Stick! We designed this system for those guys who want to pack lite and go in fast. The beauty of this system is that it utilizes the Versa Hanger design to hold the SSS System onto your saddle, combat belt, or backpack when you walk out to your spot.

This system is different from our other SSS systems meant for 1-inch tubing-style sticks. This system is designed to slide into the channel of one stick, and then the other end of the Stick Mule will snap into a receiving stick's channel. The snapping feature locks the two sticks together, replacing the need for the suction cups that come standard with the Gen 2 Hawks. Once the two sticks are snapped together, they are locked together. The easiest way to disconnect them from each other is just twisting the stick that is being snapped into by the top stick.

Here's what you need based on the number of sticks you use:

  • 2 Sticks- 1 set of SSS and 2 Standard Versa Hangers
  • 3 Sticks- 2 sets of SSS and 2 Standard Versa Hangers
  • 4 Sticks- 3 sets of SSS and 2 Standard Versa Hangers.

(If you use 4 sticks, you can get away with just two sets of SSS. You will have two stacks of two sticks instead of 1 stack of 4 sticks)

*The SSS system requires two of our Standard Versa Hangers if you want to store them on the back of a combat belt or saddle. If you already have purchased those from us then you should be all set. The Versa Hangers that work with the Hawk, API, or LWCG versa buttons will not work with the stick mule system. You will need to order the correct Versa Hangers for it to work for you. You will need to remove some hardware to get these to slide onto your Hawk Heliums. *



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