SSS System for Hawk Heliums

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This innovative system is designed for hunters who prioritize light packing and swift maneuverability. Utilizing the Versa Hanger design, the SSS System securely attaches to your saddle, combat belt, or backpack as you venture to your hunting spot.

Unlike our other SSS systems meant for 1-inch tubing-style sticks, this system is specifically tailored to slide into the channel of one stick, with the other end of the Stick Mule snapping into a receiving stick's channel. The snapping feature effectively locks the two sticks together, eliminating the need for the suction cups that come standard with Gen 2 Hawks. Once snapped together, the sticks remain securely locked. To disconnect them, simply twist the stick being snapped into by the top stick.

Here's what you need based on the number of sticks you use:

  • 2 Sticks: 1 set of SSS and 2 Standard Versa Hangers
  • 3 Sticks: 2 sets of SSS and 2 Standard Versa Hangers
  • 4 Sticks: 3 sets of SSS and 2 Standard Versa Hangers (If using 4 sticks, you can opt for just two sets of SSS, resulting in two stacks of two sticks instead of one stack of four sticks)

Note: The SSS System requires two of our Standard Versa Hangers for storage on a combat belt or saddle. If you already have these from us, you're all set. Please note that Versa Hangers designed for Hawk, API, or LWCG versa buttons will not work with the Stick Mule system. You'll need to order the correct Versa Hangers for compatibility. Some hardware may need to be removed to slide these onto your Hawk Heliums.



Customer Reviews

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Good attachment method!

These are a big improvement on the crappy stock suction cup method. Easy to install too. Bought 3 sets. 1 set slid around a little but when put on the sticks but it was remedied with some gorilla tape right on the face of the mule that touches the stick. They’re a little hard to separate sometimes and they do “clink” when pulling apart so if you’re big on silence you might have to figure something out to dampen sound. Probably going to put a little gorilla tape on the inside of where the sticks hold to the tree to dampen the clink. Overall good product and much better than the crappy suction cups that break easily.

J White

It may be easy to install and the function
may simple but don't let that fool you. They are strong and the work fantastic!! So happy with the purchase along with other products I have purchased from
Genesis 3D Printing, LLC

Simple and easy install

I bought two sets so I could hold two sticks the each side of my saddle and bag. They were quick and ease to install, And I didn’t have to remove any hardware like a video I watched said I would have to. However, I do have a few slight issues with them. First they’re still not the easiest to pull apart. I was hoping I could just flick them with my thumb to break apart and be easy for up a tree. But I have to use both hands. Hopefully just need a break in period. And second I use cable aiders and the aiders can get in the way of the mules. I have to be sure to move the aiders out of the way so the mules will seat and clip down. Not hard just something I have to be sure to check for when packing up and just adds time.

Irish Saddler
So simple and effective

I am running the Stick Mules on my 17” modified Hawk Helium stick. The quality of the Stick Mule is much better than I expected. It’s a perfectly ridged material with just enough flex. I carry my sticks in with me and put my bow on my back pack. This keeps them perfectly tight with no extra straps required which only speeds up the process. Nice work hit a home run on this one! Look forward to see what else you got brewing!!