Lookout (Trail Camera Mount)

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Are you sick of trying to find that perfect stick to shove behind your trail camera to give it that ideal angle? Well, don't worry, we are too, and we designed The Lookout to solve just that problem. The Lookout was designed to provide you with all the adjustments you need when hanging your trail camera in the woods.

We have three different styles of Lookouts:

  • Screw-in Lookout- This was designed for private land guys, where they can screw into their trees. We use an extremely aggressive wood screw, so mounting it to the tree is a breeze. Just screw the Lookout into the tree till the plastic shaft starts to touch off on the tree. Then you are locked in and ready to adjust your trail camera to the perfect position. 
  • 2 Pivot Strap Lookout- This is to be used in conjunction with a strap (strap is not included). This was designed for public land guys. Once you tighten the strap, just pull down on the mount to lock it into place on the tree. This mount allows you to adjust the angle relative to the ground and the camera's rotation.
  • 3 Pivot Strap Lookout- This is ideal for guys looking to mount their trail cameras to trees or limbs that aren't vertical. This mount gives you all adjustability of the screw in Lookout while still being legal for public land.

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