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We've taken our popular Versa Hangers and given them a makeover specifically for hunters using treestands. With one hanger bolting onto each side of your treestand, there's no more dealing with dangling sticks on paracord or constant climbing up and down the tree to set up.

Here's the difference between the right and left-hand Versa Hangers: one opens to the right side, and the other opens to the left side of the hanger. It's essential to bolt these to the side of your stand so that the opening faces towards the tree, making it easier to insert and remove your sticks from the Versa Hangers.

We offer two variants:

  1. Universal Treestand Versa Hanger: Compatible with the following stands:

    • Best Gear Stand
    • LWCG Stands
    • Elevate Stand Co. Stands
    • XOP Stands (excluding CAST STANDS)
  2. Novix Helo Tree Stand Versa Hangers: Designed specifically for use with the Helo stand from Novix.

Note: These hangers work with all Versa Buttons except for the Hawk Heliums/API sticks.

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Good easy way for your stick. Highly recommend