The Turret Bow Holder

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All the main components of this product are made out of 6061-T6 Aluminum.

Have you searched tirelessly for a bow holder that checks all the boxes for your treestand setup? A bow holder that is lightweight, packable, fully adjustable, customizable, and works on all stands? When designing The Turret, we set out to check all those boxes. Coming in at 7 ounces, The Turret will mount onto any mobile treestand on the market. This holder is feature-packed and adjustable to fit all bows on the market.

We have two styles for our Turret Bow Holder:

  • Original Turret: This is use two mounting plates to "sandwich" onto the platform of your treestand.
  • LWCG Turret: This is designed for the newer LWCG treestand (2022 and Newer Models) and mounts into the holes cut into the stand's platform.

The features include:

  • Two 4" 5/16-18 bolts are mounted to the holder with our custom G3D rubber wrap. This custom rubber wrap looks nice, but it also protects your limbs and eliminates any chance of noise when setting your bow into it. If you have a bow that doesn't have super wide limbs, you can swap the bolts out with shorter 5/16-18 bolts. You can get those bolts at any major hardware store.
  • This holder can pack away during transport and extend out once you are at hunting height. This is accomplished with our locking bolt system, as the holder can rotate 360 degrees around the pivot bolt. Fine-tune the angle this comes off your platform to make sure your bow is right where you need it.
  • Control the angle at which your bow sits in the holder with a simple bolt and locking system. It doesn't matter if you're shooting a bow with traditional limbs, parallel limbs, or beyond parallel limbs. Just change the angle of the plate that holds the two limb bolts and lock down the center M6 bolt.
  • Did we say this is lightweight?! Maybe we did it, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it. It weighs just over 7 oz!

We think this holder will settle the debate on the best way to hold your bow while in a treestand. 

We are happy to say The Turret is 100% made in the USA, as we used local machine shops to bring this product to life!

*Some assembly is required*

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