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Introducing our revolutionary Stick Versa Hangers—crafted for the avid Mobile Hunter! Say goodbye to cumbersome stick transportation with our innovative stick-hanging system.

Designed for ease of use, simply slide your stick's versa button into the Versa Hanger. As you pull down on your stick to secure it in place, the hanger effortlessly wedges it securely, ensuring it stays put until you're ready to move. Whether you prefer using them with your saddle or hanging them on your belt, our Versa Hangers offer unparalleled convenience.

Compatible with a range of equipment, including the G3D Stick Mule System, Beast Sticks, XOP, Lone Wolf/Novix/Trophyline, EWO, and OOAL Shikars, our Standard Versa Hanger is a versatile solution for your climbing needs. Additionally, we offer specialized versions tailored for Hawk Heliums and API sticks, as well as LWCG sticks (excluding 2022 and newer models).

For optimal performance, we recommend using the Versa Hangers without your rope, strap, or amsteel attached to the versa button. However, if you prefer keeping your 7/64 amsteel on the button, rest assured that our Versa Hangers accommodate Shikars, Beast Sticks, Hawk, API, and LWCG sticks with ample space.

Make climbing a breeze with our Stick Versa Hangers—your essential companion for seamless ascents.

Customer Reviews

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sean barrett
Great tool

Absolutely love these things! Got the stick mule system on my skeletors and it makes it a breeze to climb with a ll my sticks at my side. Easy to grab the next stick when you need it. Great product!

Broden Ranck
Stick users need this hanger!

I started running the tethrd skeletors this season, and combined with the G3D stick mule, the versa hanger was an item I wouldn't have left home without. The design is very simple but rock solid and easy to work with one hand while climbing up or down the tree. I believe having hands free when setting up is essential, and the versa hanger helped me achieve that beyond expectations!


Perfect fit!!!

Tyler Wasserbauer
Must have

This versa hanger in conjunction with the stick mule clip for Tethrd One sticks is an absolute must have. I can carry 4 stick on my saddel with this set up!

Dave Rauch
Ultimate Lightweight Approach System

I’m using these to secure four Tethrd One Sticks, either directly on my saddle for short approach afternoon hunts, or on my Eberlestock backpack for long approaches and/or all day sits where I need more gear. In either case, they are silent, secure, and a breeze to set up. Very satisfying equipment to couple with such good gear from our saddle making companies who put out equally well thought out gear. We are truly blessed to be saddle hunters right now, it’s the golden days of saddle hunting if you ask me.