Versa Hanger

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*Sold as singles*

Here it is, guys, the ultimate stick-hanging system!  Look no further if you haven’t found a great way to carry your sticks up the tree when you climb.

How these works are, you slide your stick's versa button into the versa hanger. When you pull down on your stick to seat it in the hanger, it wedges your stick into it. This causes the stick to be secure and not come out until you tell it to. Use them with your saddle or hang them on your belt.

Check out our Stick Mule systems, designed to work with this awesome product.

Standard Versa Hanger- G3D Stick Mule System, OOAL Shikars, Lone Wolf/Novix, EWO Alumibutton, and Beast Sticks.

Hawk/API- Hawk Heliums and API sticks

LWCG/XOP- Works with all LWCG sticks (Not the 2022 and newer sticks) and XOP sticks.

It is recommended to use these without your rope, strap, or amsteel on the versa button. If you're using 7/64 amsteel, and you what to leave it on the versa button you can use the Versa Hanger if you are using Shikars, Beast Sticks, Hawk, API, and LWCG sticks. There's enough room when using those sticks to keep the 7/64 amsteel on the versa button.

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