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 *The WIld Edge Gripr is now CNC machined out of solid Actel. It is not 3D printed*

Ever thought that there has to be a Wild Edge Steps storage system that can match the simplistic/minimal design of the WE Steps? Well here you go!

The Gripr allows you to clip in up to 5 steps into it. Carry them on your hip to the tree, or throw them into/onto your pack as one complete system. One end of The Gripr has a hook system to hook them into the molle webbing of your saddle. The days of heating up Kydex and bending them to the required shape to make a holster are a thing of the past.

Customer Reviews

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Broden Ranck
Major upgrade from the Wild Edge bag!

I ran the Wild Edge Stepps for a full season using their bag before coming across the Gripr and I wish I would have found it much sooner. The bag worked fine but I hated having it over my shoulder and then having to pack it up or awkwardly hang it somewhere while hunting. That and it was starting to get a hole in it from the bottom point of my stepps. The Gripr eliminated all of my issues right away. It kept my stepps securely on my hip when walking into the woods as well as climbing or descending my tree. The stepps go in and out of the gripr with just one hand too, a major plus in my book as I always like being as hands free as possible. If you run the wild edge stepps, this is a piece or gear you'll want to upgrade to!

Great product

Works good. I have primal steps and it works. Only complaint is that the spacing is not perfect since the gripr was made for wild edge steps and not primal. Can only fit 4 primal steps tightly versus 5 steps of wild edge with the way I like putting it.Still highly recommended it.

Game Changer for Carrying Wild Edge Stepps

This little Gripr dealio works fantastically to carry 5 Wild Edge Stepps without having to use the Wild Edge bag. You can easily pop it in and out of the Versa Button Hanger, yet it holds to the Hanger quite well. I ordered mine in orange in case I was to drop it empty in the deer woods (with Stepps attached they are easily spotted on the forest floor). Have to say, at first I wasn’t sure about durability, but I am finding that it is just fine. The Stepps snap in and out of this holder and are held quietly in a neat bundle. Wish I had found this Gripr years ago! Hunt happy. Getcha some!

Works great small compact a++

Works really well I use the clip on molle webbing and wrap my ropes around it. Very happy with it seems durable I dropped it out about 20’ one night no damage...

Elijah Stamps
Little Disappointed

Got my Gripr in and the versa button was missing one side. It mostly fit in the Versa belt hanger. First climb it slipped out. Only fell about 8 ft and completely shattered. Ordered another one and I’m going to try just using the clip side.