Stick Mule System (Square Tubing)

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Our new Stick Mule System has been overhauled as we integrated our Rope Tamer into our Stick Mule system. We did this to give you two great products in one. It also helps minimize the amount of gear you have on your sticks. This new system will streamline your setup.

We also included a glow-in-the-dark pull tab on the end of the bungee to help you grab the bungee portion of the Stick Mule System. This was added, as the one and only Rendell Erik requested it. He found that it was very difficult for guys with larger hands to grab the piece of bungee.

The beauty of this system is that it utilizes the Versa Hanger design to hold the Stick Mule System onto your saddle, combat belt, or backpack. This allows you to utilize the Stick Mules and the Versa Hangers to hold your sticks as you climb without having to use your Versa Button with the Versa Hangers.

You can use these on any 1" stick, and even if you don't use the Stick Mule's to pack in your sticks you can use them to hold your sticks to your Saddle or Belt (For Tree Stand Hunters) as you climb. There are many ways to use this system to help you be a more efficient hunter!


  • Material- PETG
  • Weight- .5 oz
  • Fits all 1in square tubing sticks, and 1.25" sticks/posts on Treestands


  • One 8.5" Bungee
  • One Glow in the Dark Pull Tab
  • One 3D Printed Stick Mule Clip

New Stick Mule System:

The video is coming soon!

Old Stick Mule System: