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Introducing the Sub One Camera Arm. True to its name, the Sub One Camera Arm weighs just 14oz (without the OCB Strap), making it the ideal choice for hunters venturing into self-filming with cell phones or handy cams.

Primarily designed for saddle hunters, the Sub One keeps the camera arm close to the tree, out of the way yet easily accessible. For treestand hunters needing a longer reach, we've also developed a version tailored to your needs.

The innovative slot design enables the Sub One to pack away tightly, fitting in your hand while providing 105 degrees of up-down leveling adjustments. To simplify the leveling process, we've included a bubble level on the 3D printed fluid head mount.

Upgrade your filming setup with the versatile and lightweight Sub One Camera Arm.


  • Sub One Camera Arm
  • Sewn OCB Strap
  • Adapter for use with 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 fluid heads

Sub One Specifications:

  • 2 Pivoting Arms
  • Weight: 14 oz
  • Weight (Arm and OCB Strap): 1 lb 4 oz
  • Dimensions when stored: 4.5"x9"x2.4"
  • Total Reach: 20.75 inches
  • Rated weight: 5 lbs

Sub One XL Specifications:

  • 3 Pivoting Arms
  • Weight: 1lb 1oz
  • Weight (Arm and OCB Strap): 1 lb 6 oz
  • Dimensions when stored: 5.6"x9"x2.4"
  • Total Reach: 27.5 inches
  • Rated weight: 5 lbs

Crafted in America from Black Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum.

Fluid Heads We Recommend:

Phone Mounts We Recommend:

VIdeo Hightlight of the Sub One:

Video Highlight of the Sub One by SaddleHntr:

How to use an OCB Strap:

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kyle White
Awesome light weight setup

Compact. Light weight. Quality build. Seems to hold my DSLR camera up just fine. Can’t wait to get into the woods


I like the camera arm, the strap is terrible

Broden Ranck
Unbelievably light and rock solid!

Simply put, the SubOne is hands down one of my favorite pieces of gear from G3D. I have used several other camera arms, and quite frankly they were all so bulky or heavy or both that I sometimes dreaded having to take them into the woods with me for just some casual self filming. This is not the case for the SubOne. With being so stinking light and packable, this arm never leaves my pack and I don't even notice that it's in there if I decide not to film that particular day. It sets up quickly, can be leveled easily, and works so smoothly. I run the 2 arm version because of saddle hunting and it has the perfect reach while staying out of the way when navigating around the tree. I'm usually just running my cell phone for myself, but I have been able to run my DSLR with a zoom lens and external mic that weighs 3lbs total without any issues at all. This is an arm that you have to get for yourself to see how light it is!

Brad Collings (BDS Outdoors)
So versatile

I use my 3 arm for both saddle hunting self film and for when my wife films me from a lock on. Having the ability to reach around the tree and get the angle as well as the compact way it moves on close shots makes it second to none!

Jon Johnson
Sub One Camera Arm

This is a fantastic camera arm. I have tried several others and didn't especially care for any of them. The Sub One is very compact and extremely light. When folded up, it easily fits into a small pack taking up minimal room. The strap to attach it is easy to operate and the arm is rock solid and easy to level once set up. I have the 3 arm model and use it primarily when hunting out of my saddle and I am currently using my cell phone for the filming, but looking forward to trying it with a small camcorder as well. The 3 arms allow it to easily and silently pivot around the tree in either direction so that you are able to film 360 degrees around the tree. It is made from quality components and built to last.

Don't hesitate to try it!!