Swingman Quiver Bracket

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Are you a treestand guy, and you've been looking for a place to store your quiver once you're at hunting height? Then look no further, as The Swingman has your back. This will mount to any treestand on the market via a few bolts and nuts. 

The Swingman is universal, and it's designed to allow you to mount any style quiver bracket on the market to it. It also allows you to adjust the angle your arrows are while in the stand. This makes it easy to grab an extra arrow if a follow-up shot is required. 

If you use a Matthew Quiver or a Tightspot Quiver Bracket, we have our own 3D printed Quiver Brackets that will work with those quivers. 

*Some assembly is required*

Where you can buy common quiver brackets for our Swingman:

If you're using a different quiver, you will need to order those separately, and we can help you find a bracket that will work with your quiver.

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